UV LEDs array produce 360-400nm UV-A light extremely effective at luring mosquitoes, moths and other flying pests. A powerful yet whisper-quiet vacuum fan sucks insects into the retaining cage where they dehydrate and die! Easy to clean retaining cage, push-open and soft closing mechanical design!

Perfect for indoors or outdoors. Can be used at home, office, kitchens, restaurants, schools, etc. For residential, commercial and industrial use.

• Eliminates mosquitoes and other winged insects in a discrete, quiet fashion
• Easy to clean removable collection tray
• Attracts insects with UV LEDs light
• 2-stage variable fan speed settings
• Electronic soft-touch switch
• Operating safely on 5V DC power
• No zapping or buzzing.
• Safe for use around humans & pets

Input Voltage(Adapter): 115V-230V main power
Operating Voltage: 5V DC
Power consumption: 6W
Area of application: 80sqm
UV LED lifetime: approx. 50,000 hours
Dimensions: 23cm High - 14cm Diameter
Weight: 300g
Colour: Black
Warranty: Two year manufacturer warranty