The Beer Mate uses a finely calibrated, ultrasonic vibration which invisibly passes into the beer. This vibration activates the gases to create consistent sized bubbles for the perfect foam head. Dense beer foam is known to dramatically increase the taste, aroma, and feeling of beer. Press the button and the beer explodes inside. As if by magic, the head appears on top.

The aroma of a beer is released as the bubbles in the head pop. The Beer Mate allows you to start with a great head and recharge it at any time. The Beer Mate is a must have for the serious Craft Beer lover!

Designed for use with beer but also works with other beverages. Portable design makes foamer convenient for traveling!

Colour: White,Black
Power source: 2 AA batteries
Material: ABS
Can size: 250, 350, 500ml
Weight: 123g
Product size:120 x 73.6 x 134.6mm (4.7 x 2.9 x 5.3")