In order to get the ultimate flavor out of your favorite craft beer you need to maximize its aroma. This means the head is the key because the scent of a beer is given off as the bubbles in the head pop. In a normal poured beer, once the head is gone, you lose most of the all-important aroma.

The Beer Mate is capable of 40,000 vibrations per second, it works and recovers the delicious beer foam head plus enchants the aroma. Activate it. Revive it. Do it again! It’s so cool to look at and definitely a crowd pleaser.

Portable and durable, can take it anywhere and use it anytime. You can easily clean it, just wash in flowing water. Featured in craft taverns, pubs, bars and breweries all over the country!

Colour: White
Power source: 2 AA batteries
Material: ABS
Can size: 250, 330, 350, 500ml
Net weight: 135g
Product size (L x W x H): 76 x 152 x 140mm