The portable BEER MATE makes beer taste better with a touch of a button, using a finely calibrated, ultrasonic vibration for the perfect foam head.

QUICK FOAM MAKER-Taking advantage of advanced technology ensuring the ultrasonic vibration, thus making foams for various drinks in several seconds. All you need do is put one side into the bottle with the beer, and see what is being changed!

CHIC STYLE DESIGN-Simple design, elegant, chic style, which evokes an aesthetic feeling and suitable for home furnishing and life application. Ultra-low-power design, elegant look, energy saving and sustainable for use anywhere anytime.

MULTIPURPOSE-Not only for beer foam making at home or in the bar, also can be used as an intelligent stir wand, like a portable electric handheld milk foamer for turning your morning hot or iced coffee into an Italian barista experience.

COMFORT CONTROL GRIP-Ergonomic handle design of BEER MATE fits snugly in hand, providing excellent control for creating latte art or stencils. Totally waterproof performance, whole device can be washed after use.

CORDLESS & POWERFUL-Battery operated BEER MATE uses 2 AAA batteries to give you light and airy froth at the touch of a button.

Color: White
Power source: 1.5v, 2 AAA alkaline batteries
Material: ABS
Working Current: 260mA
Net weight: 0.13lbs
Package size (L x W x H): 218 x 55 x 37mm(8.5x2.1x1.5 inches)